Hariyali - An Initiative for Development

Hariyali (An Initiative for Development) is working on the development of the rural economy through revival of the agriculture and cottage industry.

Hariyali NGO



  • The need based action plans to be prepared, implemented and reviewed annually by the village communities in facilitation of the other stakeholders.
  • All the stakeholders will be involved at various stages to share learn and contribute their inputs, which lead to better results and create opportunities for its wider dissemination by them at their levels.
  • The project provide platform for the community to set their own priorities and decide possible solution which can initially be the low cost traditional system or technologies already in use.
  • Furthermore opens opportunities for research on community preferred need based new technologies as basket of choice to select the best fit in their system / region with some modifications on recommendation of community.
  • Added – value.
  • Innovation approaches.
  • Models for good practices.
  • Promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities.
  • Fostering co-operation. 

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